Wednesday, January 15, 2020

We're On The Texas Charts!!!


Redneck Rockstar is charting in Texas!!!

Thanks to all y'all who have been playing it, whether on the radio or through digital streaming services like Spotify!

I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to Mark Sebby and Sebby Music Group for their help in promoting this song!  You won't go far without GOODe friends!


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Redneck Rockstar Official Music Video

Y'ALL!!!  Redneck Rockstar is HERE!!!

Please go listen on Spotify or any other digital platform! (I prefer you listen on Spotify, but I ain't really that picky!)

Here is the music video I we put together along with the track.  Hope y'all enjoy it. I know we did!

Friday, December 20, 2019

It's Redneck Rockstar Eve!!!
Tomorrow, 12.21.19, the single drops on Spotify and I need y'all's help to blow this thing up!!!

Starting at midnite I hope y'all will give it a listen...over and over and over!  We put a lot of effort into this single and plan on recording MANY more in the next few months for y'all to enjoy.

Because of YOU we're gonna get this music heard!  Because of YOU we're gong to record an album.  Because of YOU we're gonna get Mikey Goode Music known nation wide!

It all starts with YOU listening on Spotify.  Set an alarm...

When it drops, CRANK IT UP AND PLAY IT LOUD!!!

Love y'all!


Friday, November 29, 2019

Hey Texas!!!


Hats, shirts & CD's will be for sale.
And don't forget to show me your

Thursday, November 21, 2019

I'm On The Radio!!!

Okay, don't wanna mislead y'all with the title. I don't have any tracks currently on any FM radio stations...yet. However...

My buddy, Trace Thompson, who is another independent country music artist gave my name to the DJ's at KORN Country radio here in Central Indiana for me to come to the station and play a couple songs...ON THE AIR!!!  Thank you again for helping a brother out, pal!!!!

I went in yesterday morning and had the time of my life, y'all!  Brandon and Emily were the absolute nicest folks! The tech guy, David was an absolute pro as well.  The timing of all this is perfect too!  We are finishing the last tracks for the new single this weekend and I REALLY want people to be ready for the track that is headlining my upcoming tour in Texas.  Redneck Rockstar needs to hit as many ears as possible, so I played the acoustic version for Central Indiana and it was VERY well received!

As soon as I get the master recording I'll be putting it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and wherever else I can get it played!  I'll definitely be sending it to my friends at as well to be heard.  Josie and Tina have been nothing but GOODe to me and many other independent artists.

Here's Redneck Rockstar, recorded at KORN Country radio station in Franklin, IN.  If y'all like what you hear, just wait until the studio recording comes out.  When it does...right before you hit the play button, crank it to 11 with LOTS of bass.  It'll BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Texas Tour In 2 Months!!!

Hey y'all!!!

It's been pretty quiet on this page as we have been travellin', cookin' and playin' some shows.  Sorry about that!  I come with GOODe news though!  

In December we're headed to Texas where I'm currently booked for 7 shows!  I asked our community how many shows out of state they figured would constitute it being called a tour.  They said 3 I booked 7!  Here's the dates and locations of the current Redneck Rockstar tour we have planned:

Fort Worth Shows:
Wednesday, December 11: Lefty's Texas Beer Joint (Time TBD)
Sunday, December 15:  Coyote Country Radio Show at the Redd Dawg Saloon 4-7 p.m.
Saturday, December 21: Redd Dawg Saloon 8:30-11 p.m.

San Antonio:
Friday, December 27: Rebecca Creek Distillery 8-11 p.m.

Saturday, December 28 Old Iron Horse Saloon 9 p.m.-Midnight
Monday, December 30 Old Iron Horse Saloon 8-9 p.m. (Featured artist ahead of the open mic night)

Tuesday, January 7 Polecats with Drew Moreland 7:30-10:30 p.m.

I'm open to book a few more shows while we're enjoyin' the Lone Star State!  If y'all know a venue, let me AND THEM know!  I'd love to play for y'all wherever I can!

I promise there's some more GOODe news to come in the next few days as well so stay tuned!  

Be sure to visit and like my Facebook music page!  That's the spot to get the latest info about all things Mikey Goode Music!

Love y'all!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Y'all!!!  Junkyard Dog AND Buy Me A Drink are on the radio!!!  Country Blast Radio loved both tunes and have put them in rotation...Junkyard Dog is already in their HEAVY rotation!  That means my songs are being played along with talent like Chris Stapleton, Luke Combs, Jason Aldean, Sheryl Crow and Carrie Underwood just to name a few!!!  

Please go request these songs at or by using the Country Blast Radio app! You can also text a request to 331-645-8336!
This is just the beginning, y'all.  I have more show dates coming up that I'll post soon along with some pretty exciting news!

Love y'all!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cancer Sucks!

My life revolves around 3 things:

When one of those things is threatened I do absolutely everything in my power to preserve what I love. (NEVER try to steal one of my French fries...)

Well, one of those things is in danger.   My big brother, Tom has been diagnosed with a form of cancer called multiple myeloma.   He is starting treatments this week. His body is being prepped for a stem cell transplant where they harvest stem cells from his own bones, do something medical sciency with them (I know, I'd never make it through day 1 of medical school) Then they put the stem cells back in him to help fight off the cancer.

He will go through a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort. Hopefully it works, because what he's about to go through, he'll never want to do it again. 

What I'm asking from y'all is only one thing...okay, maybe two things.  Here they are:  1. Pray for my brother Tom.
         2. Share the video so others may be reached and they'll pray for him too.

I am a fervent believer that God hears our prayers.  I know that whatever happens, God's glory will be revealed through this rough and scary time.  Please join my family in praying that God's glory is revealed by healing Tom.  He's my big brother...I kinda need him around.  He's always been a huge supporter of me and my girls.  He speaks life into me. Pray with me and speak some life into him.


Love Y'all,

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Crickets & Frogs

If you ever wonder what a redneck's perfect date looks like, this is it...

*Side Note*

I am horrible at keeping content up on this site.  I know, I know...for all y'all that know me well enough to know my job is in social media.  You'd think that since I post videos constantly on our family YouTube channel as well as on my Facebook page, Instagram account, and my Youtube channel for my music that it would just be second nature to post here as well.  The only thing I can say to that is sorry, I'll try to do better.  But just in case I fail at it, you might like, follow and subscribe to the previous links so that you don't miss out on anything...just in case.

Back with more music and news soon! (Maybe later...but soon sounds so much better)

Thursday, April 18, 2019

One More Beer With Dad

A year and two days ago we had our last phone conversation. It always started the same way with him. He'd ask where we were on our travels. I'd tell him where. Then he'd start in on me saying that I needed to come home. He followed up with telling me he still didn't understand why I would quit a high-paying, stable job with the railroad to go travelling the country and playing on the internet. (He didn't have the internet, so there was a definite gap in ideals)

This time I explained it a little different and at the time I wasn't sure why it came out like it did, but I explained myself quite clearly. I told him I was good at my railroad job, but I hated it. It wasn't a passion and no amount of money in the world was going to make me enjoy it. I followed that I was travelling with the two most important people in my world and that I got to work with my best friend every single day and that if I never made another dime I'd still be living my best life doing what fulfilled me and my family. I didn't argue with him, but spoke life to him by explaining what gave me joy.

And for once, he didn't argue either. He said, "Well as long as you're taking care of that granddaughter of mine that's what when are you coming home?"

I told him that I had a plane ticket to fly home that next weekend. "Why the hell are you flying home for?" (Dad had dementia, so conversation topics were shortened at times) I told him I had an event to go to and meet up with some buddies of mine and Taxman. "You're in trouble with the tax man?!?" he asked. "No Dad, I'm meeting some friends at Taxman Brewery to hang out and drink beer." He says, "Well if you're coming all the way home you should have a beer with your old man then!" So I told him I'd fly in late Thursday night and be at his house Friday afternoon and have that beer with him. We told each other we loved the other and said our goodbyes.

Two days later as we're driving back to camp from a long day at the Grand Canyon, my brother calls me. He said "Mike, I don't know how to tell you this, but Dad died."He had a heart attack and even though they tried their hardest, they couldn't save him. I was crushed.

We drove back to the campsite and cancelled my flight because there was no way I could wait another 24 hours to start home. We hitched up and were on the road within an hour. The next 30 hours were a miserable blur of high winds and tears.

About 300 miles from home it hit me that I'd never have that beer with Dad I promised. Immediately the song started flooding my brain, even though I didn't want it to. Cris, bless her heart, must have thought I was going crazy shaking my head and saying "No, no no! Not now!", without explanation. Finally a couple hours from home I gave in and asked her to text me the lyrics I was about to speak to her. It took a long while to get them out. By the time I had said "Daddly liked Blue Ribbon" I was a mess all over again. But by the time we were home the song was written.

I dropped off the trailer and headed straight to Mom's. From there I went with a couple of my brothers to the mortuary where they were holding his body for cremation. There he lay under a sheet. He looked like he was asleep. When it was my turn to say goodbye I asked for 5 minutes alone. I had snuck a couple Blue Ribbons in...

I placed one in his hands and cracked the other one. I told him the things that had always been on my heart but I never had the courage or the strength to say to him while he was alive. Then I told him how sorry I was that I didn't make it home in time, sobbing on his chest. The interesting thing is, as my head was laying there on his chest, he sighed. I won't go into detail, but it's a natural thing dealing with gases and dead bodies. To me, it was his final prank. He scared the living crap out of me, much like the many times he'd done when I was a kid.

Then I drank the beer...quickly. It was warm and a Blue Ribbon to boot. It was far beyond a sippin' beer at that point. As I guzzled the last swallow I remember telling him I understood then why he'd drink his beer with salt, because that stuff tasted horrible. I could imagine him telling me to drink the other one to wash the taste out of my mouth. So I did.

Over the course of that next summer I built the deck you see in the video behind me as a project to keep my mind from the grief. My best friend, Jeremy Woods, brought me into his studio to track the song and to give me a shoulder to lean on. I am forever grateful for his friendship and his musical gifts. His wife, Wendy, made the sign you see behind me which is a poem I had written for Dad one Fathers Day a few years back.

That's pretty much the story behind the song. He loved his boys and he loved his beer. And even though we all had different relationships with him, we all loved him and there ain't a one of us that wouldn't want to have one more beer with Dad.

So tonight I will drink a Blue Ribbon in memory of my daddy...with salt poured on the rim.