Friday, November 29, 2019

Hey Texas!!!


Hats, shirts & CD's will be for sale.
And don't forget to show me your

Thursday, November 21, 2019

I'm On The Radio!!!

Okay, don't wanna mislead y'all with the title. I don't have any tracks currently on any FM radio stations...yet. However...

My buddy, Trace Thompson, who is another independent country music artist gave my name to the DJ's at KORN Country radio here in Central Indiana for me to come to the station and play a couple songs...ON THE AIR!!!  Thank you again for helping a brother out, pal!!!!

I went in yesterday morning and had the time of my life, y'all!  Brandon and Emily were the absolute nicest folks! The tech guy, David was an absolute pro as well.  The timing of all this is perfect too!  We are finishing the last tracks for the new single this weekend and I REALLY want people to be ready for the track that is headlining my upcoming tour in Texas.  Redneck Rockstar needs to hit as many ears as possible, so I played the acoustic version for Central Indiana and it was VERY well received!

As soon as I get the master recording I'll be putting it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and wherever else I can get it played!  I'll definitely be sending it to my friends at as well to be heard.  Josie and Tina have been nothing but GOODe to me and many other independent artists.

Here's Redneck Rockstar, recorded at KORN Country radio station in Franklin, IN.  If y'all like what you hear, just wait until the studio recording comes out.  When it does...right before you hit the play button, crank it to 11 with LOTS of bass.  It'll BLOW YOUR MIND!!!