Thursday, December 26, 2019

Redneck Rockstar Official Music Video

Y'ALL!!!  Redneck Rockstar is HERE!!!

Please go listen on Spotify or any other digital platform! (I prefer you listen on Spotify, but I ain't really that picky!)

Here is the music video I we put together along with the track.  Hope y'all enjoy it. I know we did!

Friday, December 20, 2019

It's Redneck Rockstar Eve!!!
Tomorrow, 12.21.19, the single drops on Spotify and I need y'all's help to blow this thing up!!!

Starting at midnite I hope y'all will give it a listen...over and over and over!  We put a lot of effort into this single and plan on recording MANY more in the next few months for y'all to enjoy.

Because of YOU we're gonna get this music heard!  Because of YOU we're gong to record an album.  Because of YOU we're gonna get Mikey Goode Music known nation wide!

It all starts with YOU listening on Spotify.  Set an alarm...

When it drops, CRANK IT UP AND PLAY IT LOUD!!!

Love y'all!