Wednesday, October 28, 2020

So Much Going On!!!

 I gotta tell y'all a secret...

Managing all of my social media by myself is pretty difficult on top of still working for our family business and managing a billion (slight exaggeration) of honey-do projects.  That's why I haven't posted any updates since September and I apologize.  How about I make it up to y'all with a little bit of GOODe news:

Our album is still underway and it just got some HUGE legs underneath the form of Nashville musicians lending their talents to the project!!!

If you dig Luke Combs, Sara Evans, Dierks Bentley or Brothers Osborne then you'll wanna read on...

Wil Houchens is one of the best and most sought after piano players in Nashville.  He tours with Billy Ray Cyrus and has worked with legendary Collin Raye and a pretty popular feller y'all may have heard of...Luke FREAKIN' Combs!!!  He is playing piano for us on My Redneck Ways that will hit digital outlets in a couple weeks.  We hope to land him for a couple more songs on this album because even though he is one of the best players in the business, he's just a great dude.

Tim Galloway has more stars under his belt than Orion. (Well, Orion only has three so that's not hard to beat, but I digress...)  Here's a small list of the artists he's recorded and/or toured with:

Gary Allan

Dierks Bentley

Big and Rich

Lee Brice

Luke Bryan

Sarah Evans

Jake Owen

Collin Raye

Josh Turner

Brothers Osborne

Just a small list...showoff...

And he still made time to track THE MOST amazing guitar track for our single!  

Between these two the song has enough firepower to turn heads in Nashville, Texas and beyond.  But no...we had to go a step further by adding a fellow Hoosier, Sarah Yingst and her AMAZING fiddle skills as well.  Y'all, I can't begin to tell you how spectacular she is.  We brought Sarah on for Nobody Like You and we all fell in love with her style of playing.  We knew she could land a strong ballad, but could she hang with the big dogs on a honky tonk tune???  Uh, yea!  She was the missing puzzle piece to make this bird take flight.  She's also just an amazing and humble human and we love having her presence in the studio.

This album will be the absolute best that I can bring to y'all.  And by absolute best, I mean the people that have agreed to join in on our project.  They're all not just the greatest players, hands down...but they're just the greatest people you'd want to work with.

Get ready, y'all.  It's about to get loud.


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